Creating the eCommerce World 2.0

Epsilon is an eCommerce holding company bringing complex products to online shopping.

The current eCommerce world is not enough

The current eCommerce world of catalogs may be convenient, but it is not enough for products that really matter. Complex products, like a kitchen or medical treatment, require more than just a few images and a buy-now-button. They require an online experience that is tailored to each individual customer and their needs.

Epsilon is on a
mission to create the
eCommerce world 2.0

To make complex products available online with streamlined user experiences, detailed product information and expert customer service. We believe that everyone should have access to the products that really matter – the ones that can change their lives forever.

Streamlined User Experiences

that take the people by the hand, making complex buying decision easy.

Providing Information

not just about our product, but around the whole topic to empower the people to make their own informed decision.

Expert Customer Service

who have real knowledge and provide real help, not just answering the phone.

+ A rock star marketing to bring it to the world!

The eCom 2.0 Experience

Epsilon is creating an eCommerce world where complex products are no longer a hassle but something exciting and empowering for customers. We want our customers to be inspired, informed and supported when making decisions that matter. That is the eCommerce world 2.0 we are striving to create.

28 Mio

€ revenue 2023





The Epsilon Culture

How We Work

More Context, Less Control

Instead of micro-managing our employees, we make sure everyone understands the context - the bigger picture - encouraging independent decision-making.

Think long-term

We are 100% self-financed. This means that we don't have to answer to anyone but our customers, our partners and ourselves. This gives us the freedom to make long-term decisions.

Data-driven decision making

We track everything we can, so we can learn what works and what doesn't. A data-driven, scientific approach is at the core of every decision we make.

Think Lean

We use a lean startup process to build our eCommerce brands. This allows us to be profitable within 180 days.

Focus not only on doing things right, but doing the right things

We are always going back to the 10.000 ft view and making sure we are working on the things that have the biggest impact.

Don't hide behind professionalism

At Epsilon, we are not afraid to show our humanity. We believe that being open and transparent creates a better working environment and builds trust.

Our Process

The Epsilon Process of building successful eCommerce Brands

We Believe in Global Talent

Headquartered in Germany we work with experts from all over the world including Ukraine, Poland, Philippines, South Africa, Finland and India. We believe in remote work with digital processes at our core.

If you want to join us on our journey, we are always looking for talented people to join our team.